Prayer List

Your prayers are a vital part of this ministry:


  • For the last 90 days the doctors at public hospitals have been on strike. Just this week the strike has been called off and doctors are headed back to work. 
  • For the last month university lecturers have also been on strike. This week as well, they have decided to go back to work. University students are happy that they can again begin classes.
  • My time in Mbita is coming to an end. I thank God that it has gone well and I have learned a lot!


  • The first term of school is nearly finished, pray for exams to go well and for safety for staff and students while they are on term break. 
  • As you have probably seen on the news, South Sudan remains in turmoil. Please pray  for the refugees, for those suffering in the famine, and ultimately, for peace. 
  • Please continue to pray for guidance in this year as I work to follow God's call and discern His plan for the following years.

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