Monday, 6 February 2017

Dead Flies!

We ran out of water this morning! I turned on the tap and discovered that our water tank had finally emptied. My house here in Mbita is on city water but, by that I mean the city pumps “treated” water into a large black water tank on the outside of our house. Unfortunately, it seems routine for the water plant to not pay their electric bill which therefore means that no water gets pumped into our large reservoirs. We still cannot drink that water, even though it’s treated so we use it for cooking, flushing the toilet, washing dishes and cleaning. We filter or boil the water for drinking. 

Oh, the blessing of a mosquito net!
I am praising God right now that we still have some water left in our large raintank. Without this secondary tank I would joining the throngs of locals walking to the lakeside each morning carrying a yellow bucket on my head. While I welcome the idea of a new adventure, something tells me that I’d tire of this particular adventure very quickly! 

My Kitchen
I woke up late this morning as it’s Saturday and I didn’t set an alarm- 7:30. My roommate left early for a weekend of R & R in Kisumu so I have the house all to myself. As soon as I got out of bed, I discovered the water had run dry. I also learned what I call “The Plague of Lake Flies” has worsened. It seems since we are situated right on the shores of Lake Victoria, swarms of these gnat-like things called lake flies come up from the Lake. Birds and fish love them, but I don’t. They have a fine tuned knack for exploring my ears or flying up my nose or into my mouth if I forget to keep my mouth closed when outside. And, like most flying insects, they also love light. So, at night when we need light right around 7:00 they squeeze themselves through the screens on the windows and doors of the house and have a party above our heads. This is all fine and dandy until they start to drop- into my dinner, into my tea, into my hair, everywhere! Last night the plague was particularly bad- so bad I nearly abandoned making dinner to go to bed early and hide under my mosquito net. So this morning, I came to believe that lake flies have a very short lifespan. Our floor was covered in dead lake flies!! After sweeping them up, I had a few cups of dead lake flies. I’m sure I could have made from bird-friends with them, but I tossed them out into the garden. 

After cleaning the floor, I then began cleaning up our mess of supper dishes. Again, since the flies like wetness, all the pots and pans and plates had developed a nice coating of dead flies overnight. And, since our water had run out I got to carry a bucket of water from the rain tank to our dish washing stand. I then used the dishwater to flush the toilet- such creativity!!

And, after doing my weekly laundry by hand, I treated myself to a nice cup of tea and a bowl of oatmeal. What a day! And it’s only 10 AM! 

And, while I didn’t particularly anticipate having to deal with thousands of dead flies or a lack of running water this morning, I am so thankful for this life! Living here you quickly learn to appreciate the small things: mosquito nets that keep the bugs off, a good night’s sleep, the happy chirping of birds feasting on flies outside your window, a quiet morning all to yourself, the ability to filter water to drink, and delicious tea to savour…

Thank you Lord for your incredible blessings!

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  1. Have you heard the missionary joke about you deal with flies in your tea differently each term you are overseas?