Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Busy Bees

I recently visited with a good friend of mine and his wife in Michigan. Lou owns four bee hives and, WOW, are bees not fascinating to watch!?! In and out flew the bees. In and out. In and out. Those hives never slowed down! And there seemed to be no rhyme or reason for which bee did which job (let alone what the bees even did!). Still, the term "busy bee" took on new meaning for me. 
Thankfully, Lou has been learning all about bees lately and loves pulling up a chair and watching them work. He told me that all bees have a job. They all serve a purpose. The queen bee is the ruler of the roost and somehow each and every bee knows their role and how to go about it. Somehow, bees communicate with each other and can even explain the location of a productive patch of flowers to their hive without showing them. Not only that, Lou explained, bees seem to use the sun to guide their directions. So, as the sun moves along its course, the directions change!
As Lou and I visited in the shade of the tree in his backyard, he mused, "missions is like a beehive." 
I was struck by that observation and have been pondering that phrase for a while. The more I've learned about missions the more I believe that Lou is right. No bee can operate on its own, without a hive. Their participation in the hive allows the hive to last. In the same way, on the mission field, no one person can operate on their own. Teams are necessary and allow missionaries to remain in the field longer. Not only that, but without a support base and church families standing behind a missionary, the chances of success are small.
I'm in Orlando, Florida this week at the U.S. Pioneers headquarters learning about my sending agency alongside 50 other potential missionaries. I've been able to connect with so many likeminded individuals! Each of us has shared how God brought us to pursue missions and it is been incredible learning how God is working across the world!
I ask that you lift up this mission in prayer. If you'd like to hear more about how God is working in East Africa, please let me know! I hope to leave for the mission field in January, but there is a lot to be done still. God is working and I am so blessed to be called to this mission!! I am excited to be part of reaching the unreached for the sake of the gospel. Please consider partnering, both prayerfully and financially, with this vision.