Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Toronto, Ontario
Monday night we were treated to a talk from the infamous "Second Peter"- the chaplain of the '05 tour who wrote the book "In Tandem." He spoke about many things but the part the stuck with me was his comment about Savouring the rest of the ride. "You have less than two weeks left of the tour, and the time is going to continue flying by. Savour it. Take the time to enjoy the ride." And so I am. We rode 133 kilometers yesterday. Most of it was along the shoreline of Lake Erie. It was a cooler day, beautiful sun and some pretty steep climbs. I arrived in camp after my usual time because of the number of church stops along the way. I felt like I could roll myself into camp that night- that's how full I was! We had at least three food stops- one with sloppy joes, another with oillibollen (misspelled - I'm sorry!), and another with jars and jars of candy! I was amazed all day long with the constant support of the area churches. All along the route, around nearly every turn, there was another couple of people cheering us on.

I rode for the morning with Tim, John, and Danita. Between the second and third church stops, John caught a glance at a dark cloud looming on the horizon and off he went. It was like he shot out of a canon. For the next hour he averaged 22 miles per hour! It was all I could do to hang on the back of that pace line! About 15 minutes out I lost them on a steeper incline and wound up riding into the church stop alone. Part of me wishes I could have held on because they missed the rain storm and I ended up getting quite a drenching. Although it was oddly refreshing. We ate more than I needed there waiting for a second storm to pass over and then we left for another race into camp. 8 kilometers out of camp I had my second flat of the tour (crazy, eh?) and John and Tim were nice enough to wait for me while I changed it. I'm not sure as to the cause of the flat and couldn't feel any specific puncture areas. So I cleaned out what I could and put in the new tube. No more air loss over night or during the ride today so I must have removed whatever caused that flat.

Most of us were exhausted when we arrived in camp in Trenton last night for whatever reason. Many of those who joined us in Ancaster are now starting to feel the days add up... one on the other. I cleaned the rain-grime off my bike, showered, washed clothes, stuffed myself yet again and took a long nap... it was next to impossible to get up for supper. But I did knowing that if I didn't eat, there would be no way my growling stomach would let me sleep through the night. The area churches treated us to yet another delicious dessert social. Sadly, I was so full that I couldn't even eat any of it.

Just after the beginning of peloton, my hero Jasper arrived after finishing the day's ride. He had done 53 kilometers of it on his unicycle!! He was challenged to do so for extra donations. What an amazing feat. Having ridden yesterday I know how difficult it must have been to ride 50 KILOMETERS on a unicycle!

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