Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Let the Climbing Begin!

Monday morning we rode through 60 kilometers of Quebec, went through customs and entered New York State. I have to say that, as much as I love Canada, I was more than ready to leave ... the roads in Quebec left much to be desired. And, as soon as we crossed the border, our situations improved immensely. Prior to our smooth crossing we had battled through 2 miles of gravel- not just random stones here and there, but everywhere! I fishtailed most of those kilometres and, by the time we reached the cracked pavement again, my nerves were more than fried. I was sure that I would take a spill but thankfully I was able to stay upright through the entire adventure. We rode 120 kilometres and arrived at the Ausable Chasm. Since the roads had improved greatly since entering New York, the remainder of the ride was enjoyable. It was nice to have English road signs and not to constantly be watching where we were riding. The cool weather that we had enjoyed all last week has disappeared and the summer heat has returned. It makes the cycling a bit more of a challenge.
Our camp last night was a five minutes walk from views like these. Jealous? You should be! I pulled out my tent for the first time in over five weeks due to the incredible numbers of mosquitoes and I slept well. I knew that today would be a very difficult day. We were scheduled to do more climbing Tuesday than on any other day of the tour- mountain passes included. I don't think this knowledge was passed on as many found themselves riding a harder day than anticipated. It was hot. There was a strong headwind and the hills just did not let up. I found it a discouraging day. Many hills were so steep I was standing in my granny gear! By the end of the day the wind had become such a nuisance that we had to pedal to go downhill! After sweating away to reach the top, the last thing I wanted to do was pedal! Minor problems with a SAG position combined with the terrain made for a very challenging day. I never gave up, despite my desire to do so. I thank God for his grace in getting me through the day. My knees did not appreciate the experience, and neither did my butt. But I am in camp and I am grateful. So grateful! 
Please pray for the family emergencies that came up today. I am not permitted to give more details than that until all the important people are alerted, but prayer is needed. 

I enjoyed a laugh at the creativity of this name...

Crossed this bridge on the way into camp in Whitehall, NY

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