Thursday, 18 July 2013

Goodbye rain, HELLO wind!

This morning we were told that a Colorado State officer was coming to speak to us at 6:30. The only through road to our destination that night was I-70 so we had asked to travel on it for about 70 kilometres. We were asked to not leave camp until we had had our “talk.” So I set my alarm for 6:15 giving me ample time to take down my tent, get dressed, and be eating before our talk from the officers. Well, I got up and realized that half the camp had already started en route. The promised “talk” never materialized. All we were asked to to do was personally check in with the cruiser sitting at the entrance to the school. So I quickly scarfed down breakfast and waited in line for my personal pep talk from the police man... This is what I learned from him, “stay as far to the right as possible, watch out for the rumble strips and be careful of the on-ramps- cars aren't looking for you.” My outward reaction was, “of course, officer.” Inwardly, I couldn't help but say, “well duh, we've been doing that for the last three weeks. This is what I had to wait around to hear? Gracious!” The 70 kilometres on the interstate was uneventful and most vehicles were very courteous. The only downfall of the ride that I found was a very strong cross wind that, if not careful, threatened to knock you flat on your side. I was able to power through the day. I don't know if it was the slight downhill that we were blessed with or the possibility that the cross wind had a slight talk wind in it. So I arrived in camp in good time and found that we were staying in a beautiful park - Parmer Park - another oasis in the heat. The highlight of the night? Wonderful grass. It is interesting how we take the small things like grass for granted.

This is what we do to avoid the wind!
I had planned all day to track down some wifi. Becuase of this mission, I showered, claimed a sleeping spot under one of the pavilions (I don't set up my tent unless I absolutely have to), and puttered my way over to McDonalds. Thankfully, McDonalds was nearby. When people talk about the mid-west winds, I now completely believe them! Everyone made it to camp but most were wind-burned, sunburned, and exhausted. The majority took a short pit-stop in one of the fast food places just as we entered Burlington, CO to re-energize and cool off. They had multiple flats today because of road debris so I helped my friend John fix his two flat tires. 

Prayer requests: Jake is doing well physically. He's biting at the bit to get back in the saddle. Praise the Lord for the medical care that saved his life! Peter suffered from a scratched cornea in the rain on Monday and if off the road for a few days until he can have it examined again. Prayers for those cyclists who want to be riding, but are unable or not allowed would be appreciated.

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