Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The Desert

I am now in Desert City, CA. Temperature: 113 degrees Fahrenheit. I left at 5:30 this morning in an attempt to beat the heat and, with 30 km of climbing and a tail wind, we flew the 100 km down the road to arrive by 10am. I praise the Lord for the opportunity to get into camp early before the head winds start and the heat really hits.
Terry portages his bike through the fence to the bike path

Yesterday I was not able to get on the road until around 8 am. By 10 AM I had applied sunscreen 4 times and still felt like I was burning ... so I bought a long-sleeved shirt. It has come in handy, at rest stops I drench my shirt and dunk my head in ice water, and that lasts for a few kilometres. I am trying to remember to drink a lot and to eat as much as possible to stay ahead of the heat.

Ironically, we are working our way to Phoenix during a heat wave. Dozens of cyclists have been struggling. If there ever was a time to pray, now's the time. Many are having to be driven into camp. On Monday a cyclists broke his foot and he and his wife are out of the tour. There have been multiple falls and flats these last couple of days. The heat is unimaginable and those cyclists who were struggling to begin with- such as with the distance or the heat - are really having a hard time. 

But I am having a great time. I am doing my best to not worry about the heat or about tomorrow- this summer has already been a great lesson in Luke 12- "do not worry about tomorrow." The tour is raising a lot of questions and people are asking what we are doing. We are handing out business cards and telling everyone what we are up to. It has been really neat to spread the word and to see people's reactions. In fact, I have great conversations in public bathrooms! I think the women think I'm crazy, but that's okay. It is true that there have been some serious challenges thus far, but overall I have felt God's protection as so far I have been safe.

Last night and tonight we have been allowed to sleep indoors- that has been a blessing in disguise ... except for the spider that ran across my back last night ... I had to take a minor break from my sleep to kill that thing - There was no was I was going to get back to sleep with him crawling around!

Life is good. I am enjoying the challenges I come across and am blessed to feel that I am growing spiritually as well as physically. Please pray seriously as the conditions are terribly difficult. But we are learning that blessings definitely do come through adversity. Blessings!


  1. Way to go Christeena! I will be praying for some relief from the heat and to keep you and the cyclists safe. I'm glad you killed that spider... that just sounds horrible! Thinking and praying for you!

  2. We are praying for you all as well


    Rita Beerda

  3. Praying here too.
    All we get here is rain it seems. Smells like a greenhouse outside, it is so damp.