Sunday, 2 June 2013

Sadly, I am not invincible ...

This week was a lesson in humility. I began a solid training schedule and, with accountability, was able to keep to it all week.

Tuesday I left on a routine 45 kilometre interval ride between rainstorms. 500 metres away from home I turned the corner of Exmouth and Murphy, a corner that I have ridden countless times, at my normal speed ... next thing I know I've hit the asphalt hard. I land on my right hip and elbow and continue sliding on my belly, feet first, across the lane with my bike leading the way.

I have no idea how this happened but, it being rush hour, dozens of cars were lined up waiting to turn the corner. Me, thinking I was invincible and forgetting how slick asphalt is in rain, ended up sliding around the corner on my belly in front of way too many witnesses.

Now, when I ride, I find that I can't ride slowly, particularly on the home stretch. So, at this point I'm flying along at around 32 km/hr. I'm gasping for breath and my heart is beating like a drum. The impact with the asphalt knocked the wind out of me but, with the help of adrenaline and complete and total embarrassment, I got up off the road in record time, made sure my bike was still roadworthy and was off for home.

The bruising on my right leg
On the way, I started hyperventilating because of the shock, my already breathless state and having had the wind knocked out of me. Not only that, but my right hip was on fire and didn't want to function. After a short time I made it home and was all patched up.

Lesson for the road: accidents happen when we become comfortable and think that we can handle it all on our own ...

I am now safely recovering, my bike's wheels are all back in true and I am admiring the beautiful colouring of my bruises.

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