Tuesday, 18 June 2013

On the Road Again

Well everyone, this is it. Tomorrow I leave from Detroit to fly to Los Angeles. For the next nine weeks I will be sleeping in my tent, living in the great outdoors, and biking about 114 kilometres every day. I know what a physical challenge this is going to be because I've done this trip before. For this reason I'm both excited and terrified. 
I was told the other day that choosing to do Sea to Sea again is like choosing to go through childbirth a second time- the closer the due date the more you remember the pain (I've never given birth). I am beginning to remember the knee pain, the neck pain, the sunburns, the heat, the sore butt... I am beginning to remember it all, but I also am beginning to remember the good things. I remember the joy of meeting new people, the absolute pure bliss of sleeping at night, the delicious food, the excitement of speeding down a mountain, and the contentment of being completely physically exhausted.
This Saturday, all the cyclists are arriving at Vanguard University where we will register and meet each other. On Sunday we will have safety training, a celebration with the cyclists, and dip our tires in the Pacific Ocean to kick off our journey. The next morning we leave on our first day of the ride to Redlands, California (109 km). After a week of riding we will have covered 678 kilometres and will spend the weekend in in Phoenix, Arizona. 
All of us will spend the week working to find our place in the community and to establish a routine.
Love you all! Thanks for remembering us in your prayers, and I'll do my best to keep you all updated,


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