Thursday, 30 May 2013

Racing the Storm

Riding along the St. Clair Parkway is beautiful, across the St. Clair River on your right lies Michigan and on your left are hundreds of huge river-front houses. I filled my water bottles, put on sunscreen in preparation for today's extreme heat and began to putter my way along in a headwind to Courtright. 

After about 26 kilometres I turned around, excited for a hard tailwind the whole way home. 
Shortly after turning toward home, I sensed a change in the wind, it had cooled and strengthened. I looked over my shoulder and this is what I saw:

Out of nowhere! I was still over 20 kilometres away from home but, with a strong tailwind and a sudden energy to outrun this storm, I flew home. Lightening flashed as I arrived back in Sarnia. With a mere 4 kilometres to go the storm let loose on me. So much for staying dry! I arrived home soaked to the skin with puddles in my shoes, but refreshed from today's earlier heat. Such is the life of training!

This is what's called "helmet-head"

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