Friday, 15 June 2012

And Now for my Wonderful Students and School...

Say hello to Victorious Primary School, home of over 400 students. 

This is the main compound of the school taken from the door of the office. (Notice how wonderfully muddy everything is?)

A view of the school from the road to Victorious

And the best class of students ever! Here is me teaching math to my 22 p.6 students. I wish you could all meet them! They send their greetings to you.

Say hello to Friday, Ivan, Bonny, Edward, Denis, Lydia, Violah, Florence, Oliver, Evalyne, Allen, Saidat, Charles, Moses, Damiano, Oliver, Grace, Frank, Josephine, Micheal, Simon, and Benitah.

This is the office for the staff members. See how blessed we North Americans are?

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  1. This is awesome Christeena! I love seeing the pictures and meeting the beautiful people. I'll keep praying for you as you continue to teach there!
    Much love,